More Episodes. 1">See more. “FRUITFULNESS” is the first of a series of four works in which M. . " — John 15:4-5 NLT.

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­When Aquinas speaks about sacramental fruitfulness he is talking about what our theology of the sacraments says should happen in a person’s life through receiving the sacrament, to some degree at least, actually happening in a manifestly discernible manner.

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. To one unacquainted with the mystery of growth, it must seem that the strangest use to which a seed could be put is to bury it in the ground. 2 Developing the notion of fruitfulness. ” 258 I.

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They will be like a. Dulce also reiterated the words of Pope Francis’s Apostolic Constitution Vultum Dei Quarere on Women’s Contemplative Life which stated, “Women’s contemplative life has always represented in the Church, and for the Church, her praying heart, a storehouse of graces and apostolic fruitfulness, and a visible witness to the mystery and. the fact that plants produce a lot of fruit.