Bayberry wax is used for soapmaking, candlemaking, and buffing metals. Four pounds of berries produce approximately one pound of wax. Add the wax, bark, leaves, or oil to. You can find many bayberry varieties growing across most continents, excluding Australia. Uses (Ethnobotany): The fruits of this species have been used for many years to make bayberry candles, soaps, and sealing wax.

Bayberry wax uses

Common Names: Bayberry, Candleberry, Southern Bayberry, Wax Myrtle Description: Shrub, 15 to 20 feet tall, with long, leathery leaves and inconspicuous flowers; females bear clusters of waxy, blue-gray.

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The fruit is then boiled in water to extract the wax from the pulp and once more the wax is skimmed off.

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Bayberry Wax. . . .

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”. . It takes a LOT of berries to make candles, so most bayberry candles are either a blend of bayberry wax and beeswax (the nicer ones) or they are paraffin with bayberry oil added for fragrance.

This plant was also used to make medicine by Native Americans.